Verify SSN

Why verify SSN (Social Security Numbers)?

Using for Social Security Number (SSN) Verification


We provide Social Security Number verification services for the following reasons:

Know Who You’re Dealing With – Preventing Identity Fraud

With technological improvements it is easy for criminals to perpetuate fraud. Often the types of companies that are targeted are banks and lenders, mortgage and title companies as well as restaurants and retail stores.

SSN verification can also greatly lessen your fraud risk if you are a lender. Another benefit of using is to decrease fraud while hiring new employees or contractors. will flag fake social security numbers by detecting if the number has never been issued, is one of a deceased person, or for other suspicious reasons.

Preventing Identity Errors
It is possible, either through typographical errors or transcription errors, to have multiple people using the same SSN. Identify this issue before it creates tax or legal problems for you or your company. Fast and Reliable Service provides a fast way to quickly identify individuals for loan and job applications, apartment rentals, insurance claims, and any other application requiring social security number verification.

The information in our SSN verification service is obtained from credit reporting agencies and may vary based on information that is on file. A report may contain the individual name, address information, aliases, addresses and names of others using the SSN, previous address validation of social security number, and the year and state of issuance.

Let provide the social security number verification services you need today.