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Reasons to use for Income Verification provides income verification services for many types of companies. Here are several reasons and benefits as a lender or employer to use our service.

Income Tax Verification and Employment Verification Income Verication ServicesWhen a person applies for a loan, a credit card, a new job, or seeks a new home or apartment, income tax verification is usually performed. Although income and past employment can be verified by phone, or you can accept a copy of an applicant’s W2s or past pay stubs. These methods can increase your risk of receiving inaccurate data.

A benefit of using is that it can lower your risk of these inaccuracies. Rather than respond directly to verification requests, lenders and employers can count on us to do it right for them.

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Reduce Loan Fraud Risk
Requesting copies of past W2s, pay stubs and other papers can increase your chances of accepting a fraudulent application. These methods can invite fraud because copies of these documents can be easily changed, altered or even completely faked. White collar fraud is a persistent problem that costs companies across the U.S. millions of dollars per year.

Mortgage Industry Standards Requiring Income Verification
Mortgage industry standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac also require income tax verification. To reduce your loan fraud risk, our method of verifying employment and income directly from the I.R.S. is superior to other methods.

Residential Mortgage Specifications

Commercial Mortgage Specifications

Speed up your Approval Process with the Fastest Tax Verification
Our fast service speeds up the process of income tax verification – so you can get approvals quicker. We’ll be there to help you do the administrative process of tax verification so that you can focus on your job. We will focus on income tax verification; that’s what we do best.

We Service Many Types of Clients
Types of clients we service include banks and lenders, title companies, mortgage companies, private investors, employment firms and any other type of company needing verification services.

Types of Tax Verification
We can obtain personal 1040 and W2s, business 1120s and 1065s.

Lowest Price Rates Available
Prices are discounted due to existing competition and volume, so you can always be assured of great prices with!

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